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FBBA Documents

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Financial Statements and Returns

FBBA Financial Statements and Return 2018.

Wyoming Blockchain Legislation Summary Review

Recently declared the “Delaware of digital asset law”, Wyoming is the first and only state to have enacted legislation providing a comprehensive framework supportive of blockchain innovation. Courtesy of Representative Tyler Lindholm, also House Majority Whip and Co-Chairman of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, is the following list of 13 blockchain bills enacted during legislative sessions in years 2018 and 2019…
Wyoming Blockchain Legislation Summary Review

The intersection of Blockchain and Human Rights

When I was a Public Defender 15 years ago, I represented a client whose story is forever imprinted upon my memory. Roberto (not his real name) was a migrant worker from Guatemala who had migrated north to work in the tomato fields of Immokalee, FL (Read More).

The intersection of Blockchain and Human Rights


Blockchain Definition Whitepaper

The Florida Blockchain Business Association has organized a working group to thoroughly explore, consider and make recommendations regarding the proposed definition of “blockchain” at use in the draft bills. Of further concern to the working group is how this definition may be later integrated into future legislation, or how present definitions may restrict the future development of blockchain as a technology and its implementation across industries. (Read more)

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