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New to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies? We got you covered. We’ll give you few sources so you can begin your own blockchain and crypto journey!

Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally better at storing value than any fiat currencies in existence today. This is because the fixed and known monetary supplies and inflation rates of cryptocurrencies; but more importantly, the social consciousness and consensus that allows for them to exist. People can now control their wealth with nothing more than the power of cryptography.

The overall vision for blockchain to disrupt healthcare in the future would be to solve many issues that plague the industry today to create a common database of health information that doctors and providers could access no matter what electronic medical system they used, higher security and privacy.

The policy that requires police to inherit a proactive approach to address public safety concerns. The overall assessment of community-oriented policing is positive, as both officers and community members attest to its effectiveness in reducing crime.

By maintaining an immutable record of property ownership, encumbrance and conveyance, blockchain can provide a certainty of information that allows for a greater level of trust and transparency.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency get a bad report. We actively educate law enforcement to show the good side of the blockchain and crypto space, while teaming up to find bad actors.

We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government.

We would like to take the opportunity and to get out to the community and hear what their major interests or problems are.


We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government. Explore our principals.

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