Lt Col Josh Potter J36

Defense and Security Policy Advisor

Colonel Joshua Potter is a US Army Officer who has served in several operational assignments in the United States, Europe, and South Western Asia. Upon graduating from West Point in 1993, with a Bachelor’s degree in International History, he served in a variety of Air Defense Artillery, Special Forces, and Civil Affairs assignments. COL Potter earned a Master’s of Science (MS) degree in Health Sciences from Touro University in 2009 and a MS in Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy from National Defense University in 2014. Potter co-authored several professional articles, blogs, case studies, and sections of military Field Manuals (FMs) relating to influence techniques, counterinsurgency, and Security Force Assistance. He authored two books including American Advisors (Combat Studies Institute, 2011) and co-authored Ambush!: A Professionals Guide to Preparing or Preventing Ambushes (Paladin Press, 2010) with CDR (ret) Gary Stubblefield and Mark Monday. He also authored a case study on ethical decision-making in combat for the Center for Complex Operations (CCO) titled, Right and Wrong, Balanced on the Edge of a Spear: U.S. Forces at a Mosque in Baghdad (NPS, 2010).

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